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HELM Public: Policies

Borrowing Policies

Loan Periods





28 days/1 renewal of 28 days

Semester loan/no renewal


14 days/no renewal

14 days/no renewal

ComCat  Loan

28 days/no renewal

28 days/no renewal

Other ILL Loan

Varies by owning library

Varies by owning library

*some restrictions on material may apply, please contact owning library or visit library web site for more information

Overdue Fines & Replacement Bills

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines vary by library and material type. Please contact your library for additional information

Replacement Bills

Material is considered “Long Overdue” at 28 days overdue. At that time a replacement bill will be added to your library account.


Limits on loans and holds:

  • The maximum number of holds allowed to any borrower is 20.
  • The maximum number of items checked out simultaneously to staff, faculty, and students is 50.
  • The maximum number of items checked out simultaneously to other patron groups is determined by the patron group’s library.


Replacement costs and fees:

When an item becomes 28 days overdue,

  • Patron is billed for replacement cost of item
  • Item remains on patron's account until returned or paid for
  • No additional bills or overdue notices are sent
  • Patrons who have accumulated $50.00 in replacement costs and fees are blocked from borrowing and renewing.

Paying for Lost Items:

  • All fines, fees, and replacement costs should be paid at the patron's home library, regardless of where the charges originate.
  • The patron's library can then remove any blocks for that item from the patron account.
  • Patrons attempting to pay fines, fees, or replacement costs at a HELM library other than their own will be referred back to their own library.

Community Borrowers:

  • Items check out from home library only.