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Communities of Interest: Information Literacy

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Information Literacy

This community is founded and managed by Fenway Libraries Organization (FLO). Professionals involved Library and Information Science outside of FLO are welcome and encouraged to join. Our focus is on academic libraries in the Boston-area.  This community of interest will focus on Information Literacy including topics such as reference and instruction services, working with faculty, user instruction, and more.


2023 Information Literacy and Online Learning Symposium 

Wentworth Institute of Technology | May 3, 2023


Thank you to all who participated in this event! The following resources have been collected by Erin McCoy, keynote speaker, about Information Literacy and OER. 

  1. Power of the Remix Worksheet- Google Doc:
  2. Padlet Responses
  3. Research for Life (Massasoit’s Remix) – Canvas Commons  
  4. Massasoit Library Information Literacy Modules- microlearning menu
  5. Introduction to College Research- Pressbooks
  6. OER Data- Bay View Analytics
  7. OER Strategic Initiatives: Massachusetts DOHE
  8. Intersections of Open Education Resources and Information Literacy – Mary Ann Cullen, Elizabeth Dill
    1. Foundations
    2. Teaching Info Lit with OER
    3. Librarian Support of Open Pedagogy/OER
    4. Social Justice/Untold Stories
    5. Student Advocacy
    6. Spreading the Love: Training Future Advocates and Practitioners


Keynote Slides

OER: What have you done for me lately?

Lightning Talks 

Feathering the Nest


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