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Fenway Library Organization: Events

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Event: Working Smarter Not Harder

Date: 4/7/2020

Description: We all wish we had one more hour in the day. While a day is, and always will be, 24 hours, there are ways to maximize those hours to create greater productivity. Learn to tap into more of the brain’s potential. This seminar takes a psycho-educational approach to improve focus, attend to details, minimize distractions, and have better quality of control. Expect to engage and practice new skills for better time management

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Event: Grace Under Pressure: Stress Management

Date: 4/9/2020

Description: Everyone feels stress, every day! The typical adult has a stress reaction triggered more than 40 times per day. While we can't eliminate all the pressures we face, we can be better prepared for the triggers. This seminar provides practical, real solutions for the frenetic pace we set. Participants will "test drive" two stress management techniques and identify at least three personal strategies for increasing resiliency and responding more effectively to stressful situations. 

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Event: Mind and Body Connection

Date: 4/14/2020

Description: What people think and believe can affect their health. Research indicates that keeping the body in a relatively calm state is crucial to well-being and optimal health. Becoming aware of how your body feels when it is in a tense or anxious state is important to keeping the body in a relaxed and calm state. In this seminar you will learn relaxation and stress management techniques to help you maintain a calm state during stressful situations.

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Event: Fatigue Management & Emotional Well-Being 

Date: 4/23/2020

Description: When we are not at our best, it's hard to deliver our best. Whether working remotely, overtime or 9-5, you may feel fatigue and the accompanying negativity. This session will examine common causes of fatigue, steps employees can take to best manage their sleep and emotional well-being, and employer strategies to mitigate worker fatigue. 

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