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Fenway Library Organization: CDL Code

FLO Controlled Digital Lending 


This Google Apps Script based CDL system, accessible on GitHub, was developed by FLO and Holyoke Community College. For more information about CDL projects, please visit the FLO CDL Community of Interest page

Developers on this project:

  • Carl Todd (Holyoke Community College)
  • Eliana Lima (Fenway Library Organization)
  • Jenn Ronca (Fenway Library Organization)

Project management:

  • Joe Sikowitz (Fenway Library Organization)

Testers on this project:

  • Abi Sweeney (MassArt)
  • Bethany Croteau (North Shore Community College)
  • Chrissy Hartman (MassArt)
  • Rachel Resnik (MassArt)
  • Rex Krajewski (North Shore Community College)

Based on code created by NYU Shanghai Library.