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Fenway Library Organization: Committees


The success of The Fenway Libraries Organization relies on the collaboration of its Member Libraries through the Committee system. Committees are composed of interested representatives from each library and meet on a monthly basis to discuss ongoing issues, address developing concerns, or collaborate on new initiatives. Committee members represent their libraries interest to the greater FLO community and are responsible for relaying decisions or topic for discussion back to their respective libraries.  Committees are open to FLO member library staff only. 

Committee Description
Circulation-ILL The Circulation and ILL Committee coordinates Interlibrary lending policies both in Voyager and the Commonwealth Catalog for the FLO member libraries. 
E-Selectors The E-Selectors Committees pertain to purchasing e-resources as a consortium. There is an E-Selector Committee for full members and an E-Selector Committee for affiliate members. 
IDEA The FLO Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility (IDEA) Committee establishes and steers IDEA goals and priorities in coordination with FLO Board.
Liaisons The Liaisons committee is made up of representatives of full and affiliate member libraries.
Preservica The Preservica committee focuses on the implementation and use of Preservica for storage, preservation, and access of digital archives.
Public Services Represents patron interests in the creation and enactment of all FLO policies and policy ramifications as well as help configure FLO policies and systems to best serve the patron base. 
SAM Selection, Acquisition & Management (SAM), combines the former ACDC, Acquisitions and Serials, e-Selectors, and ERM committees, providing guidance to the consortium on systems and policies for managing selection and acquisition of print and e-resources.
Quality Control The Quality Control Committee upholds the integrity of the shared catalog. Members work together to interpret and apply cataloging rules so that the holdings of FLO libraries are reflected accurately.


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