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FLO IDEA Hiring Toolkit

What to Consider when Promoting the Job

When you're ready to promote an open position, consider the following:

  • Identify the person responsible for tracking the applications. 
    • HR is typically the department ultimately responsible for enforcing DEI-related policies in hiring, but it is essential to be in communication with whomever this person may be at your institution in general, and/or for the position specifically.
  • Investigate the possibility of hosting an information session.
    • Pro: This could allow for questions about the position to be asked anonymously.
    • Con: If the session is not recorded and made available to all potential applicants, it may create an unfair advantage for those who are able to attend.
    • Consider whether it should be held in person or virtually.
  • Investigate the possibility of participating in a career fair. 
    • There is sometimes a participation cost for employers, and it may be scheduled at times during which potential candidates cannot attend.
    • This can be a good way to recruit potential candidates, but should not be the only way to promote a position.
  • Ensure that the postings and promotional materials are accessible.

Advertising Platforms

The below list of places to consider posting library jobs (in no particular order) is a starting point, and by no means exhaustive. Depending on the position and its required qualifications, you may also wish to consider posting on job boards that are outside of librarianship and/or in print media/journals, or hiring a recruiter.