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FLO Accessibility Toolkit

Screen Readers

Screen Readers are software that identify, navigate, and read media within web pages. Users can navigate Screen readers using the keyboard or voice, while media is read out-loud or provided as braille to the user (Gilbert, 2019, p. 125). Explore the following examples.

Discover studies about screen-readers access to data visualizations (Sharif et al., 2021; Fan et al., 2022).

Screen Magnification

Screen Magnifiers make reading your screen easier by enlarging media such as words and images. (Microsoft, 2020).

Discover, what Lee & Ashok (2022) share about TableView+ - a browser extension that enhances usability. [add note about Window-Eyes and System Access; Pneuma Solutions in process]

Speech-Text Conversion

Text-to-Speech software transforms text in to an audible format.

Speech-to-Text software transforms spoken language into text.

Discover, new developments in speech recognition software (Kumar et al., 2022).

Note Taking

Notetaking can take place in different forms using assistive technology from students in higher education to professional use.

Discover, what Tucker & Zamfir (2022) found on student's perceptions on the use of Livescribe smartpens.

Further info

Further Info is a great way to continue to learn, develop accessibility skills, and raise awareness.


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